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  Charles Christian, Broker: I have been involved with commercial real estate for the last 21 years. Seven years in property management, and the last  sixteen years in brokering commercial real estate. I have participated in all aspects of the industry: Restaurants, retail, office
buildings, Church's, light industrial, heavy industrial, lease space, income producing, multifamily, and the completion of several rezoning
cases in and around San Antonio. Also perform BPO's (Broker professional opinion, BPO, opinion of value) for banks and mortgage
companies. Listing and marketing REO’s (ORE’s) for several financial institutions’ including most of BBVA Compass's local commercial foreclosures from 2009 to 2012. Past member of the Board Of Governors of the "Realtors Commercial Alliance" with the San Antonio Board of Realtors (secretary and treasurer 2010).Chairman of the Cowboy Breakfast (six years), which not only provides a unique community event but raises money for a scholarship fund to St. Philips College department of hospitality and tourism as well as serving the wounded soldiers at Brooke Army Medical Center.

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Charles "Chuck" Christian, Broker


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